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By Steph, Apr 23 2017 03:58PM

I'm sure most people who follow me will know how passionate I am about getting kids involved in sewing and crafts. I often come up with activities and patterns for my five year old daughter, Lucy to participate in, and i have worked with her school helping kids learn basic sewing and design skills.

Whilst I was shopping at Sainsburys on Friday evening I came across a marvellous looking 'Make Your Own Unicorn Cushion' kit which I thought would be perfect for a certain Little Mischief who loves unicorns and sewing!

There is no age guidance on the box (other than the standard 'not for under 3's) so i figured we'd give it a go and I could always step in where needed.

The box contains everything you need to make the cushion. All the pieces are pre-cut from brightly coloured sturdy felt pieces, and are punched with sewing holes to aid the stitcher. We found out quite quickly that its a good idea to go through all the pieces and punch through the holes with the plastic needle as some of the holes were a bit tricky.

It comes with helpful instructions and pictures showing how to put it all together and in what order. As you can imagine, Lucy was eager to get started so we threaded our plastic needle with yarn and got to work.

The kit mostly calls for a basic running stitch, which is nice and easy for little stitchers to get the hang of. The eye calls for backstitch, but again its fairly easy to do with a little guidance.

Lucy stitched the decorations on both halves fairly easily, and then it was time to put it all together. However, by this point, she had reached her limit of concentration so we put it aside til the next day.

Rested and concentration levels recharged (along with mummy's patience), we started to put it all together. This was definately the trickiest bit as we had to stitch through quite a few layers and add bits in at different stages. For a five year old it meant paying LOTS of attention and being very careful! But she persevered, and completed it beautifully!

Ta Dah! One unicorn cushion, stitched by one very proud five year old! The cushion is now in pride of place on Lucy's bed, at home with all the other ponies, unicorns and alicorns in her collection.

So, what was our verdict on this kit? To be honest, for £3 it was great value! There was no faffing with cutting bits out or tracing patterns, save for popping out the little perforated sewing holes, which meant Lucy could get started straight away. The needle is plastic and has a ball end instead of a point so it's quite safe for little hands, and it is great practice for fine motor skills. For younger ones (like my Lucy), guidance and monitoring by a parent or guardian is highly advised to help them read the instructions and make sure they are sewing the correct bits, especially towards the end when there are lots of bits to bring it all together. Older kids who are a bit more confident and able to read and follow instructions themselves will have no problems cracking on with this kit.

All in all, we give it a solid thumbs up. If your kids want to get into sewing and you're not sure where to start, picking up one of these kits from your local Sainsburys is a great way to go.

S xx

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