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By Steph, May 18 2017 03:51PM

Once again I am behind on updating the blog with my latest projects - i must set up some kind of reminder!!!

My latest Sew Crafty Desgin Team piece is fox-themed, and predominantly uses only two fabrics: The gorgeous 'Forest Fellows' in blue, and that ever versatile Dashwood Studios cotton 'Twist' in pumpkin.

Using these plus an ADORABLE 'Wuttons' fox button, and a bit of left over felt from another project, i created a summer play dress, complete with fox paw pockets and a tail. The finishing touch was the fox face mask!

I initially had a bit of a problem with the fit of the dress, but by adding a couple of small triangles in under the armpit areas I was able to make it much more comfortable for her. The dress has an elasticated back and a button closure on the straps at the back which allows for free range of movement - useful if you have a very active kiddo like me!

The pockets are just the right size for her little hands and good for stashing various trinkets from her adventures, and she particularly approved of the heart shape on the front of the dress.

Her favourite piece, however, was the fox face mask. She has a great love of dressing up so this fit nicely into her growing collection of costume items. It was dead simple to make - just a couple of layers of fabric, some felt, the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and a little bit of elastic to hold in on her head.

If there is interest, i may upload a pattern and tutorial onto the blog for the fox mask - its a great little project for sewers of all levels and your kids, nieces, nephews etc will love you for it!

All in all it was a fairly successful project, and one that will be used and worn until she cant possibly fit into it any more! You can find all the materials i used at Sew Crafty Online by clicking here.

Keep your peepers peeled for some kid-friendly projects appearing here soon!

S xx

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